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Mission & Vision

Hayward Twin Oaks Montessori School is an American Montessori Society college and career preparatory program guiding a diverse community of learners* for lives of achievement. We nurture, inspire, and empower lifelong learners, global citizens, and environmental stewards who shape the world they inherit.


*Learners = students with diverse backgrounds (ethnic, socioeconomic, learning styles/needs/abilities, with and without Montessori experience) from the greater Hayward community whose families seek and commit to a Montessori education

Hayward Twin Oaks Montessori School provides a rigorous Montessori education, through individualized and collaborative mastery learning. Students become lifelong learners who achieve personal growth and develop social responsibility. Based on the principles of inclusion, acceptance, respect and trust, students become mindful individuals and engaged innovative leaders of the future. By promoting critical thinking, creativity and imagination, Hayward Twin Oaks prepares students to become active participants in the evolving global community.
We envision a world where changemakers innovate, embody GRACE*, and positively impact lives and communities.

*GRACE = generosity, responsibility, advocacy, calmness, engagement

Hayward Twin Oaks Montessori School, using the principles of Montessori education, develops individuals who are independent, compassionate, flexible, collaborative and creative. Our graduates will maintain their love for learning and develop a sense of responsibility for and confidence in themselves and their world.

The Hayward Twin Oaks graduates will possess the following 21st century skills:


1. Technology, Information and Communication Literacy

In this realm Hayward Twin Oaks graduates will:

  • develop proficiency in assessing and analyzing information efficiently and critically, using it accurately and ethically
  • learn, adapt to and appropriately apply new technologies

2. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

In this realm Hayward Twin Oaks graduates will:

  • exercise sound reasoning in understanding
  • apply both convergent and divergent thinking to problem solving
  • discern abstract information to make complex choices
  • understand the interconnections among systems
  • frame, analyze and solve problems

3. Effective Oral and Written Communication

In this realm Hayward Twin Oaks graduates will:

  • employ masterful writing and effective oral communication skills
  • comfortably utilize many different forms of media to collect, manage, evaluate and disseminate information

4. Curiosity and Imagination

In this realm Hayward Twin Oaks graduates will:

  • be inventive
  • use the Arts as a “language” to communicate STEM, creating STEAM
  • explore and expand learning beyond that which is required
  • be intrinsically motivated to work towards finishing a task

5. Collaboration Across Networks/Global Awareness

In this realm Hayward Twin Oaks graduates will:

  • work effectively with diverse teams
  • participate in peer learning partnerships
  • be inclusive
  • act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind
  • learn from and work collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue in personal, work and community context
  • utilize non-English languages as tools for understanding and appreciating other nations and cultures
  • demonstrate ethical behavior in personal, workplace and community contexts

6. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism

In this realm Hayward Twin Oaks graduates will:

  • develop academic habits of mind with real world projects
  • demonstrate leadership in creating new ideas
  • know how to make appropriate personal economic choices
  • master high school expectations and gain college preparation
  • recognize that communication is affected by message, media, sender and receiver

7. Mastery, Agility and Adaptability

In this realm Hayward Twin Oaks graduates will:

  • demonstrate mastery of curriculum aligned to academic standards
  • be prepared and focused to pursue post-secondary education
  • manage a rigorous academic schedule with the addition of college courses and internship, and develop a strong work ethic
  • monitor their own understanding and learning needs, locating appropriate resources, transferring learning from one domain to another
  • exercise individual responsibility and flexibility in personal, workplace and community contexts
  • set and meet high standards and goals for the self and others
  • tolerate ambiguity and uncertainty
  • reflect upon experiences, evaluate progress and set goals
  • view mistakes as opportunities