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Notice of Public Hearing
2022-23 Annual Budget and Service Plans
Each year, the Sonoma County Charter SELPA is required to develop an Annual Budget
and Annual Service Plan for submission to the CDE. A Public Hearing by the Charter
CEO Council is required prior to adoption.
Admission Policy
Alameda County 2021-2022 School Guidance
Education Protection Account (EPA)
School Safety Plan
Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan (LCP)
Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO)
Elementary and Secondary School Relief (ESSER)
School Reopening & School Safety Plans
A-G Completion Improvement Grant Plan
Educator Effectiveness Block Grant (EEBG)
School Accountability Report Card
Title IX
Uniformed Complaint
FERPA Parent's Rights
Gender Inclusiveness and Nondiscrimination Policy
Boundaries Policy
Homeless Policy