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Board Meeting Calendar & Agenda/Minutes

Regular board meetings are scheduled, at 5:00pm (until approximately 6:30pm), on the last Thursday of the month, except when noted with an asterix (*).
Special board meetings may be added as needed.

Agendas / Minutes

Agendas are always posted 72 hours before the board meeting. Minutes are posted once approved by the board of directors at the next month's meeting.

For 2022-2023

11_17_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

10_27_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

10_13_22 Special Brd Meeting Minutes

10_13_22 Special Brd Meeting Agenda

9_22_22 Brd Meeting Minutes

9_22_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

8_25_22 Brd Meeting Minutes

8_25_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

Brd Annual Retreat Minutes

Brd Annual Retreat Agenda

7_28_22 Brd Meeting Minutes

7_28_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

For 2021-2022

6_30_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

5_26_22 Brd Meeting Minutes

5_26_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

4_28_22 Brd Meeting Minutes

4_28_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

3_31_22 Special Brd Meeting Minutes

3_31_22 Special Brd Meeting Agenda

3_24_22 Brd Meeting Minutes

3_24_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

3_10_22 Special Brd Meeting Minutes

3_10_22 Special Brd Meeting Agenda

2_17_22 Brd Meeting Minutes

2_17_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

1_27_22 Brd Meeting Minutes

1_27_22 Brd Meeting Agenda

1_25_22 Brd Mtg Agenda - Special Board Meeting

12_16_21 Brd Mtg Minutes

12_16_21 Brd Mtg Agenda

11_18_21 Brd Mtg Agenda - Minutes

11_18_21 Brd Mtg Agenda

10_28_21 Brd Mtg Agenda .pdf

9_29_21 Brd Mtg Agenda - Minutes

9_29_21 Brd Mtg Agenda