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Food Service

Lunch and Breakfast

Hayward Unified is the campus food service provider.


Free Meal Program for All Students

California provides a state-wide free meal program for students - learn more. Schools serve free breakfast and lunch to all students — no paperwork or eligibility checks required. This means all students can have breakfast or lunch provided by the school free of charge. However, we still ask all families to complete the Free and Reduced Price Meals application when provided at the start of the school year since qualifying students receive additional funding and service opportunities.

Free/Reduced Meal Applications – Everyone Should Complete 

Even though all students can have free meals this year, it is very important that all families still complete the Free/Reduced Meals application process since it generates additional funding to our school if a student does qualify for free/reduced meals. All our families are asked to go to http://freelunchhayward.com to complete the free/reduced meals application. There are videos (English/Spanish) explaining how to complete the application which is very fast and simple. When prompted, indicate your school is Hayward Twin Oaks – Elementary/Middle School Campus. When prompted for a Student ID leave it blank. Even if you do not qualify for Free/Reduced meals, we ask all families to still take a moment to complete the form with the “I do not qualify” response.


Special Meals and/or Accommodations

Students planning to purchase meals that require special food and/or accommodations can submit to the office a Medical Statement to Request for Special Meals and/or Accommodations. To be accepted, the form must be complete and signed by a Licensed Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner. An updated form must be submitted annually.

Students with a religious or vegetarian food need can submit a note from their household to the office.